Sport Balance

What is Sport Balance?

In an effort to provide youth with the support they need, Adaptive Behavioral Services, Inc. (ABS) has developed a new initiative (Sport Balance TM).  

Sport Balance Initiative is for youth between the ages of 12-18 years old and aimed towards addressing childhood trauma using a clinical approach  with a unique blend of play therapy, exposing the youth to new things, spoken word, therapeutic boxing, life coaching and parent groups, just to name a few.

Our goal is to expose students the tools they need to manage their behavior, learn new ways of thinking, process their feelings and emotions, and live healthy.  

By providing access to these important services your child will be provided with tools necessary for life success…a healthy and balanced perspective.

Why the Sport Balance Initiative Matters

As adults, we understand certain youth are in need of additional support to help them focus during times of transition when they experience physical, mental, and emotional changes.  These changes often leave youth vulnerable to behavioral and emotional challenges such as fear, depression, anxiety and trauma. Social influences such as social media, bullying, violence, sexuality and peer pressure also  affects a young person’s behaviors and feelings.

Sport Balance Initiative Mission

To ignite the potential in youth using a holistic, educational, health & wellness, and mentor approach to inspire and motivate youth to have a balanced mindset and focus. 

Register Your Child

Sessions started in November 1, 2017 and we continue to accept new youth in to the Sport Balance Initiative.  To include your child in the Sport Balance Initiative we encourage you to completing the registration form below, or call ABS at (412) 661-7790.   

And just so you know, since the services of ABS are behavioral, they will be paid for through your child’s health insurance.

Strategic Partner

Sport Balance also incorporates innovative and cool technologies such as the Roberto App TM ( to assist in measuring and monitoring student’s brain performance.