Why The Sport Balance Initiative Matters

Why the Sport Balance Initiative Matters

As adults, we understand certain youth are in need of additional support to help them focus during times of transition when they experience physical, mental, and emotional changes.  These changes often leave youth vulnerable to behavioral and emotional challenges such as fear, depression, anxiety and trauma. Social influences such as social media, bullying, violence, sexuality and peer pressure also  affects a young person’s behaviors and feelings.

Think of our youth and the following questions:

  • Have you been physically, verbally, or emotionally abused?
  • Does anyone have a parent incarcerated?
  • Does anyone have a parent/guardian who is addicted to drugs?
  • Does anyone have a parent with mental health issues?
  • Are you homeless? Hungry?

Sport Balance will address all of the above and make it fun and engaging over the 30 week program. Many organization are working in the community but they don’t have the credentials to take a clinical approach to addressing the problems our children face. Sport Balance will blend in aspects of play therapy, exposing the youth to new things, bringing in spoken word, therapeutic boxing, life coaching and parent groups, just to name a few ways this initiative will work with it’s participants but with a clinically based foundation.